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Good Friends Start With Great Beers!

Award Winning, Internationally Recognized Chilean Wine

Ireland's Top Pub Culture

Reinheitsgebot Tradition Since 1679

The Height of Beer Craft.

Bodegas Garcia Amador - Rich in Essence and Tradition

Belgium's Benedictine Craft Since 637 AD

England's Finest Crafts

Poland's Finest Beers

La Vierge - Wine of Desire.

Beverage World Specialties, LLC delivers compelling, profitable beer and wine revenue growth advantages.

Our strategies and commitments to you include: customized proprietary packaging, increased margins on competitive price points, rapid consumer sell-through, ease of logistics and distribution, and renewed competitive leverage with your ABI and MCB distributors.

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Selection Process

Beverage World Specialties, LLC and Distinguished Brands International pride ourselves in representing the world’s finest brands. Our considerations for selecting quality suppliers stem from the following criteria.

Our Core Team

Our team collectively represents 250 years of on-premise, off-premise, wholesale distribution, and supply-side beer, wine, and spirit logistics, marketing, sales, and successful management experience.

Our Brands

Known for the companies we keep, BWS/DBI represents the best beer, wine, and spirits from around the world including Germany, Ireland, England, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and America.