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American beer buffs are buzzing about Maisel Weisse Original, Germany’s highest-rated wheat beer in this year’s annual Spezial Craftprobe blind-tasting competition among 170 leading breweries.

Maisel Brewery has been brewing great beers, adhering to Reinheitsgebot quality, for well over a century.  Yet unlike Germany’s big city brewing giants, it has taken small town Maisel a little longer to gain national and international acclaim.  “To be recognized as “the best” weisbier, or wheat beer, in Germany’s Bavaria, is a highly coveted and distinguished honor,” states Sang Truong, Marketing Director of Beverage World Specialties, the American importer of Maisel Weisse Original, and Maisel Weisse Dunkel.

Judged by leading German beer aficionados and brewmasters, Maisel Weisse Original dominated the competition with a score of 94-points, ranking highest in quality and flavor over all other leading wheat beer. Rave reviews praise the beer’s lace, creamy texture and an aroma of flavor that combines banana, orange, peaches and cloves. The 2017 award has led to booming interest among consumers and retailers internationally, and most recently, USA distributors.

“Maisel has become the benchmark of weisbier quality for finer restaurants and bars, and for entertaining,” said Jeff Coleman, President and CEO Beverage World Specialties, LLC and a longtime leading voice in the beer and wine industry. 

Brothers Hans and Eberhar Maisel founded the Maisel Brewery in 1887 in Bayreuth, Germany in northern Bavaria. Today with their Great Grandson, Jeff Maisel, at the helm, Maisel Brewery continues its traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewing, with all brewing remaining in strict accordance with Reinheitsgebot, and to its exacting quality ingredients and brewing art.

Interested distributors nationally should email Jeff Coleman or call 303.790.8532. 

In Colorado, Maisel is distributed exclusively by Bub’s Beverage.  Available in bottles or kegs, Maisel Weisse Original, and Maisel Weisse Dunkel are available in finer restaurants, bars, and gastro pubs, as well as quality liquor stores.  It is also available at a growing number of special events, including Oktoberfest celebrations.  For more information email Chris “Bub” Heinz or call 303.915.1641.

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