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Our solid farmhouse; immersed in rows of vineyards is built from white stone; quarried from the local ancient hills. Four stone steps allow us to descend into the cool interior of the cellar; the ideal place where our wine can rest and wait for the right time to be drunk. Our wines originate from the hills surrounding the province of Verona and they represent a selection of the best available from this territory and that local tradition can purvey.


Amarone D.O.C.G. della Valpolicella

Tasting Notes

Powerful, warm, spacious, wrapping, light tannic sensation, persistent, long pleasant final sensation of clean oral cavity and the subsequent salivation feeling.

Food Pairing

Amarone della Valpolicella combines well with game and grilled red meats as well as with long seasoned aged hard cheese. Also a great contemplation wine.



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