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Located in Trebaseleghe, a rural town a few kilometers from the center of Padua, Treviso and Venice

The area is protected by the mountains, and is situated very close to the sea. It is rich in rivers and sheltered from the wind. These conditions generously give the wine body, color and refinement. The long tradition and its widespread presence in the area also ensure that the company supplying the best wines


Tombacco 100% Aglianico

Tasting Notes

Excellent mouth entry, elegant and warm, sapid and full-bodied. Good length and persistence that leaves an enjoyable soft sensation and a pleasant mouth which asks for another sip. With nuances of cherry, plum and spice.

The Winemaker’s notes

This is a vintage to remember. The exceptional season allowed us to offer this elegant and refined Pinot Grigio, the gift on a early grape harvest.

Food Pairing

Aglianico combines very well with all roasted red meats and aged cheeses.



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